Great Idea! Keep your kids safe with a Child Locator!

Cild Locator
Well every now and again you stumble across a great idea and wonder why you never heard of it before!! I think this will be good for your family holidays.

Well my sister recently bought a “Mommy I’m Here” Child Locator as her little boy Henry was prone to wondering off. Well this little Gizmo in the shape of a Teddy Bear, gives off an alarm if he does wonder off. it’s all wireless and brilliant for large venues / crowdy places such as Shopping Centres, Sports days, Outdoor Events and such!

She got it from Amazon UK with Free delivery and I have already ordered 4 myself for Christmas Presents for friends with toddlers. it’s utterly brilliant – a bit steep in price but there are others to choose from I like these because they are not obviously an alarm and the kids think they are a present!

# AMAZON LINK: Pink Child Locator

# AMAZON LINK: Blue Advanced Locator

It’ll help keep the Kids safe in crowded places and holidays. They come in Pink, Brown or Blue with different options.