Skegness Butlins of Old

There is a lovely article published by the Yorkshire Post today about the nostalgic “Hi de hi” culture of the great British Seaside Holiday… in particular the article focuses on Butlins in Skegness.

Well worth a read I’d say…. it reminded me of a few things. Like when Butlins was for a while named “Funcoast World” !

A quick extract... and there’s a great B&W picture of the Butlins Restaurant…..

“On a bitterly cold Easter Saturday 75 years ago, in a former turnip field near Skegness, snow threatened to make a mockery of Billy Butlin’s dream. April 11, 1936, felt like midwinter when Amy Johnson, Hull’s legendary aviator, officially unveiled his concept of package holidays for the masses.

There were also teething problems. Not everything was ready for the first customers and tradesmen among them were invited to help out which made a bit of a mockery of the welcome – taken from A Midsummer Night’s Dream – neon lit and mounted above reception: Our true intent is All for your delight.

Butlin was offering a week’s holiday for a week’s wage. The package translated into three meals a day and free entertainment for 35 bob (£1.75). He saw himself giving people a brief escape from drab lives via collective fun. It was a “you will enjoy yourselves” philosophy…. “ read more on the Yorkshire Post site.